CAN 400-1, cu 1 interfață CAN

Modulul CAN 400, utilizat pentru un S7-400 * de la Siemens, permite conectarea participanților CAN la dispozitivul de automatizare.

The CAN 400 module, for use in an S7-400* from Siemens, enables connection of CAN participants with the automation device.

The module can be plugged into either the central frame or the expansion frame. It supports CAN 2.0A (11 bit) and CAN 2.0B (29 bit) frames with a freely selectable transfer rate from 10 kbps to 1 Mbps.

The module contains the scripts for “Power On”, “Stop -> Run”, “Run -> Stop”, “Power Off”. Using a multi-stage acceptance mask, relevant IDs can be pre-filtered for the automation device. The CAN 400-1 can be operated as Layer 2, CANopen® master or CANopen® slave. With the module, 16 freely settable timers up to a resolution of 1 ms are available. Each timer can trigger a freely programmable CAN telegram. This means the synchronous protocols widely available in drive and servo control are also easy to implement using the CAN 400-1.